Need Funds to Study Abroad in the U.S.? Check Out Loans Grants for Canadians

Do you need funds for studying abroad in the U.S.? Plenty of loans and grants cover the daily costs of living, tuition, and accommodation. Don’t let the financial costs of studying abroad in America dissuade you from experiencing a new environment and studying at an international university. There are specific loans and grants for Canadian students to seek help covering the finances of a study abroad experience.

Back to School Basics for Study Abroad: What Parents Should Know

Seeing your child travel to a foreign country alone for the first time can be overwhelming for any parent. However, studying abroad is integral to any college student’s education. Studying abroad helps students connect with different cultures, build self-confidence, and become more advanced in their studies. It teaches cultural awareness and lets your child build global friendships and connections.

Everything You Need to Know About Relocating & Moving to Mexico

Mexico has quickly become a top relocation destination for young adults and retirees from the U.S. Mexico’s beautiful, sunny climate, vibrant culture, fresh cuisine, and lower cost of living have attracted more and more U.S. citizens to move south of the border. In fact, more immigrants are moving from the United States to Mexico than they are from Mexico to the U.S. The U.S. State Department reports that approximately 1.5 million Americans currently reside in Mexico.